ICF Academy S4 E4: 12 Strategies for Camp Staff Recruitment & Retention

March 19, 2024

Session description:

This event will provide valuable insights and practical tips for camps looking to enhance their recruitment and retention processes. Our speakers will share their knowledge and experiences, offering strategies that are proven to attract and retain top talent in today’s competitive market. Join us for an engaging and informative session that will help you build a strong and motivated team. Mark your calendars and reserve your spot today for this must-attend seminar.



  • Staff Recruitment: Pinar O’Connor & Luciana (Lucy) Contreras
  • Engage Returning Staff: Andrea Veloz & Maria Fernanda (Mafe) Diaz Rincon
  • Sign Up and Stick: Build Buy in With New Staff: Jay Royce Mabwe & Nika Ackenbom
  • Spotlight on ICF Awards: ICF Vice President, Jeff Bradshaw

A special “Thank you!” to the ICF Academy team for coordinating the presentation of this episode:

Dr. Gwynn Powell, Gabrielle Raill, Dr. Simon Sambrano, Kate Taylor, Luciana Contreras, Alexia Sideri


Abbott Fenn Druzhba Awards Handout

Some statistics:

58 participants joined for the live episode, from 15 countries.

Canada, Colombia, France, Greece, Hong Kong China, Mexico, Mongolia, Nigeria, Peru, Singapore, Türkiye, USA, Venezuela, Vietnam, Zambia.

The mean participation time was 80 minutes out of a total of 130 minutes.

Highlights from the chat



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