The International Camp Directors Course (ICDC) has been developed as a professional development course for camp managers, directors and operators and other experienced camp staff professionals in administrative roles. All courses are approved and administered by the International Camping Fellowship (ICF) using both local and international ICDC certified trainers.

International Camp Directors Course (ICDC): 20 – 24 April 2024   Location: Camp NatureJoy, Nanjing, China

ICDC Faculty:

  1. Tennant Kiu (SGP)
  2. Feng Xinru (Ruth) 封歆茹 (CHN)
  3. Duan Diandian 段典典 (CHN)
  4. Zhao Meng (Vivian) 赵梦 (CHN)

 ICDC Attendees:

Name Country Certificate Number
Xiao Yao 肖垚 CHN CN202404001
Sui Wenli 隋文俐 CHN CN202404002
Zhang Jing 张静 CHN CN202404003
Wang Xiaoqian 王小倩 CHN CN202404004
Wang Hui 王辉 CHN CN202404005
Kiu Chang Yah (Janet) SGP CN202404006
Shao Jiangyan 邵江艳 CHN CN202404007
Mao Yu 毛禹 CHN CN202404008
Chen Si 陈思 CHN CN202404009
Huang Tianqi 黄天琦 CHN CN202404010
Wang Ruoying 汪若颖 CHN CN202404011
Zheng Min 郑民 CHN CN202404012
Wu Liaomin 吴廖敏 CHN CN202404013
Li Zhaoming 李昭明 CHN CN202404014