About ICF


The International Camping Fellowship is a worldwide assembly of camp professionals who share their enthusiasm, knowledge and commitment to the camp experience. ICF was founded in 1987 by camp professionals with the dream of “a better world through outdoor experience.” ICF welcomes all who foster international understanding through the organized camp experience.


  • To coordinate the exchange of news and information between individuals, camps, outdoors experiences and organizations in different countries.
  • To encourage and facilitate bilateral and multilateral exchanges.
  • To stimulate efforts to achieve international understanding and global living, leadership, and ecological action through organized camping and outdoor experience.
  • To encourage the organization of regional and national camp associations.


While the primary working language of ICF is English, ICF makes every effort to be as inclusive as possible. Anyone seeking support in another language may request it. ICF Ambassadors and members of the Communication/Translation Committee can provide assistance.


The ICF Board consists of a four-member elected Board guided and supported by a wider Board of 10-15 camp professionals representing a wide range of skills, geography and diversity. In each country with ICF members, there is an ambassador to assist in communication and outreach. Representatives of national and regional camp associations comprise an ICF Association Network that also works strengthen communication and outreach to their respective members. Finally, past ICF leaders as well as numerous volunteers inform and constitute the full breadth and depth of ICF. For more information on how to participate in ICF as a volunteer: Click Here


ICF is committed to “bringing together the world of outdoor experience”. We invite anyone involved in youth development in any part of the world to join the ICF conversation as we work to building a brighter future for all children in a more peaceful and healthier world. Membership in ICF is a simple, user-friendly process via ICF Connect membership platform. ICF Connect is designed as a gathering place for the camping community across the world.


International Camping Congress (ICC): In the spirit of “bringing together”, the ICF supports the creation and delivery of an ICC. These events, in locations around the world, are signature events that showcase the host country and celebrate the latest information within the camping industry.

International Camp Directors Course (ICDC): ICF provides a high quality, recognized training program for experienced camp professionals to raise their knowledge and improve their professional skills. The ICDC is offered in various countries throughout each year.

ICF Academy: ICF has developed a series of free online/live educational workshops designed to inform and support the international camping community. Its’s motto is: The more we learn from each other the better we can support one another!

ICF Camp Tours: In its efforts to bring together the world of outdoor experience and to provide information exchange across borders, ICF has developed a project to create and present short documentary videos of camps in different countries.

ICF Awards Program: ICF recognizes excellence within the camping community with its ICF Awards Program and Milestone Certificates.

Bill Bowker Scholarship Fund: The Bill Bowker Scholarship Fund is part of ICF’s commitment to assisting emerging camp leaders and communities by supporting their participation in special training events (particularly International Camping Congress).

Academic Research forms an underpinning and validation of the role of camp education in youth development. ICF promotes and publishes research in organized camping and looks to further new research efforts – particularly across borders. The ICF Research Committee also organizes a Research Forum at major ICF events.

ICF Camp Friendship Program: It brings together children in camps from different countries. The program encourages virtual connections of camper groups to facilitate global understanding and appreciation.