The Tale of a Butterfly

Written by Armand Ball, with Richard Chamberlain and Linda Grier Pulliam.

Published by International Camping Fellowship, 2014.


“Describing organized camping around the world is much like the blind man trying to describe the elephant; there are many different parts of this large body which do not resemble each other, except that, in the case of camping, we all utilize the outdoor experience to help individuals grow and develop into more mature persons.”

“Camping Around the World” by Armand Ball for the program booklet of the Third International Camping Congress, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Collecting a history of a volunteer organization such as the International Camping Fellowship (ICF) is also similar to many persons describing the elephant. No few individuals can really tell the entire story of ICF. The leadership of ICF in this quarter of century was much more concerned about using the energy available to reach out to the world rather than in preserving a written record.

  • Chapter 1 The Beginnings – 1840 on
  • Chapter 2 International Gatherings Begin – 1977-87
  • Chapter 3 The Organization Emerges – 1988-90
  • Chapter 4 The Organization Take Life – 1991-97
  • Chapter 5 The Organization Gains International Recognition – 1998-2010
  • Chapter 6 An Organizational Vision Emerges – 2011-2013
  • Chapter 7 Anticipating the Future – 2014 On
  • Appendix
  • 1. In Memory
  • 2. Recipients of ICF Awards
  • 3. History of International Camp Director Course
  • 4. Steering Committee and Board Members
  • 5. Governance Structure
  • 6. Meetings of Steering Committee/Board
  • 7. International Congresses
  • 8. Camp Associations Around the World

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