Criteria for Application


  • Candidates must hold a current membership in ICF.
  • Candidates must be acknowledged by an organization in their home country in a field related to youth development and willing to endorse participation in the international camping event. This letter from the organization must be included with application.
  • Candidates must communicate and discuss their request for funding with their ICF country’s Ambassador or directly with ICF headquarters, and provide a letter that verifies that discussion.
  • Candidates must provide two letters of personal character reference from professional organizations.
  • Candidates must submit a description for the Bill & Jenny Bowker Scholarship Fund Selection Committee concerning camping in their region, the significance of the international camping event and the potential for further development in their country as a result of involvement in the international camping event.
  • Candidates must provide at least partial funding knowing that they will not receive 100% funding support from ICF to attend the international camping event.
  • ICF Board members are not eligible for funding.

If you or someone you know is interested in applying for funding for the upcoming.

Bill & Jenny Bowker Scholarship Application Forms:

Applications for financial support to attend International Camping Congress must be received not later than four months ahead of the date of the Congress. A decision will be made and details of that decision will be forwarded to all candidates promptly. Preference may be given to candidates from areas of the world where ICF can assist in developing camping associations and programs. Funds will be dispersed prior to the start of the Congress.

To apply fill out this form

Send all correspondence by email to: ICF Secretary