Call for Social Media Interns

The history and strength of ICF is tied fundamentally to the work of dedicated volunteers who believe in the value of developing a shared network of youth professionals around the world. Each of us has our vocation or our avocation in camping programs in our home, regional or national camping communities. The ICF tries to bring together the world of outdoor experience so that that we can all develop together, learn together, grow together and improve our commitments to youth, global education and the environment.
ICF needs volunteers.

At ICF we are embarking on a new communication style to our community. We want camp to remain current and relevant in a changing society. We want to hear young voices. We want to support the needs of ALL camp professionals and camp leaders. We want to be effective in ‘bringing together the world of outdoor experience’.


Seeking: Social Media Interns (up to 5 positions)


Successful candidates assist ICF Communications Committee (Alexia Sideri-Chair) in content creation, consultation on camp events world-wide and contribute a young professionals’ view on social media direction. This position is renewable each year.

Successful candidates will be young camp staff (preferably with career orientation in camp) with strong social media skills, capable of creating creative content for a variety of social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, WeChat, more).


  • Has some camp affiliation (current or past)
  • Is 25 years or younger
  • Can work and communicate in English (additional languages are an asset)
  • Possess strong social media skills (professional experience is an asset)
  • Can create and edit content on a variety of platforms
  • Can represent the character and objectives of ICF in the social media postings

Benefits: Selected interns get to work closely alongside a present board member committee offering input on direction of marketing aims, internship completion certificate issued by ICF, first access to ICF programs.

Internship Duration: Negotiable

Average Output: 1-2 hours per week

To Apply

Interested candidates may forward a resume and cover letter to