Previous ICF Congresses

The International Camping Fellowship encourages the creation and running of International Camping Congresses(ICC) in locations around the world on an approximate time frame of one every three years.


  • To provide a venue and opportunity for camp professionals, students, friends and retirees in camping to meet, network, discuss and exchange views.
  • To provide education in current trends and training on camping practices, of interest to an international audience, and applicable in all regions.
  • To enable the host country, through its local association and organizing committee, to present camping, camping practices and local culture that are of interest to visiting delegates and delegations.
  • To raise the profile of camping, generally, and in the host country, in particular, by presenting camping in the best light to both the media and the general public.


1st ICF Congress Toronto, Canada February 1983
2nd ICF Congress Washington, USA “Our Fragile World” February 1987
3rd ICF Congress Toronto, Canada “KUMBAYAH” March 1994
4th ICF Congress St Petersburg, Russia Nevsky Forum” September 1997
5th ICF Congress Tokyo, Japan “Creating a New Camping Culture” October 2000
6th ICF Congress Melbourne, Australia “Beneath the Southern Cross” January 2003
7th ICF Congress Mexico City, Mexico “Preserve the Treasure, Enrich Young Lives” October 2005
8th ICF Congress Quebec City, Canada “Les couleurs de la vie” October 2008
9th ICF Congress Hong Kong “Camping – Gateway to Quality Life” October 2011
10th ICF Congress Antalya, Turkey “Let’s Camp for Peace” October 2014
11th ICF Congress Sochi, Russia “Sharing happiness with children across the world” October 2017
Congress Canceled (Covid-19) Beijing, China “One World, One Camp” October 2020
12th ICF Congress Tarragona, Spain “Fem Pinya – Come Together to Rise Higher” October 2023