ICF Butterfly Logo – History & Use


The International Camping Fellowship logo is the universal ICF symbol, the buttterfly. From the Guidelines for Usage it is easy to see how it extends naturally from the past to the future: Our logo puts the ‘environment’ at the heart of ICF. With its green colour palette it manifests our care and love for the nature. 

The butterfly, sitting on the edge of a grass, with its contemporary and elegant form is a symbol of the fragility as well as free will.

As indicated, the ICF Logo is available to all full members to incorporate and celebrate in their literature and on-line marketing. Click here for more information about how to access this information as a Full ICF Member.


The theme of the Second International Camping Congress in 1987 was “Our Fragile World”. The congress planning committee asked a group of student artists to design a logo for the congress. When the work of one of the students was presented with a map of the world on the wings of a butterfly, words could not express the feeling that swept through the room-“Yes! This was it!”

We all know that the life of a butterfly is very short, but this is a very special butterfly. The Butterfly logo was given to the International Camping Fellowship by the American Camp Association to represent the work of the ICF year after year. It has lived and traveled around the world for almost 25 years because it lives in the hearts of all of us. Let us keep it alive to promote peace, understanding, and fellowship in our world of camping.


“As the Butterfly Flies” Song

By James and Richard Simpson
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Verse 1:

We come together as friends,
We come from near and far,
In nature we learn together, 
Underneath one guiding star.

Butterfly-you lead the way, 
To a very special place, 
Where hands are joined in peace and love, 
and there’s a smile on every face.

Verse 2:

Here you’ll get a warm welcome
From everyone you greet;
Where there’s no such thing as strangers, 
Only friends we’ve yet to meet.

Where sunny blue skies beckon
To the wonders that wait outdoors,
And you learn responsibility
For this fragile world is yours. 


As the Butterfly flies, 
From the mountains to the plain, 
As the Butterfly flies
Through the sun, the snow, the rain, 
Let’s celebrate how we differ
Let’s celebrate what we share,
Let’s show the world together 
That together we care.


Care for our fragile world, 
Just like the butterfly’s fragile wing
Let’s care and learn from one another,
Let’s teach the whole world to sing.