ICF Volunteers

Volunteer Interest

The history and strength of ICF is tied fundamentally to the work of dedicated volunteers who believe in the value of developing a shared network of youth professionals around the world. Each of us has our vocation or our avocation in camping programs in our home, regional or national camping communities. The ICF tries to bring together the world of outdoor experience so that that we can all develop together, learn together, grow together and improve our commitments to youth, global education and the environment.
ICF needs volunteers.

The ICF Board and Advisory Board form the basic governance of the organization. Everyone who serves on the ICF Board and Advisory Board does so as a volunteer. In addition, real work is done by committees and sub-committees of ICF volunteers. These committees accomplish their work in various ways. In some cases, work is done locally for the benefit of all. In other cases, a working committee may be scattered around the world and communicates through virtually.

ICF needs you to volunteer.