Building the ICF Board

Steps to Building the ICF Board

The steps to creating each ICF Board are designed to bring ICF experience, fresh talent, cultural diversity and various perspectives to addressing the common goals of ICF. It requires time and care to ensure that we continue the valuable ongoing projects and create opportunities to do more.

ICF receives large numbers of nominations, expressions of interest and offers to volunteer. These camp professionals express their willingness to contribute and serve in elected or appointed positions on the Board or as Ambassadors in their countries

ICF Board Members are invited to serve for a 3-year term (Congress to Congress) and the Elected Board is confirmed each year by the membership at the Annual General Meeting (AGM in April).





Elect the Board (4 positions) January ICF members nominate and elect people to four Board Positions. These four Board Members are President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Their official roles begin in October of the year they are elected.


Expand the Board (7 positions) February/March The four elected Board Members discuss and invite other people to bring their talent and to join the Board. These choices and appointments made by the newly elected E-Board.


Elect more Board Members (3 positions) April

Once 11 members are in place and announced, the current ICF Ambassadors elect (or recommend*) three more people to join the Board. The Ambassador Assembly considers the diversity and/or talent that can help the Board.

*If three qualified candidates are not elected, the Board reserves the right to ultimately approve/choose these recommendations or make their own.


Select Additional Member(s) June The E-Board selects and appoints one (or two) more persons to complete the Board for the next term. The total number of Board members is now 15 or 16 persons.


Encourage more volunteers and select Ambassadors July/August ICF seeks country Ambassadors. They are nominated and elected in each country. These ambassadors have set responsibilities and contribute greatly to the presence of ICF in their country’s camping community.


Board Transition October At this time the current and incoming members meet for orientation and transition of responsibilities.

Board Positions

Elected by full membership:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary

Appointed by E-Board:

  • Program Development
  • Business Development
  • Congress Liaison
  • ICDC Liaison
  • Membership Services
  • Ambassador Attaché
  • Communication

Elected by Ambassadors:

  • 1 or 2 Additional Board Member(s)

Other Positions

  • Country Ambassador (elected or appointed from within the ICF community of the country, approved by Board)
  • Other Volunteer Involvement (ICDC, congress support, translation, add your own) These volunteers are supported and supervised by a specific Board Member or Committee Chair.