Dear ICF Members and Colleagues,


As we step into the vibrant and busy summer season, I am thrilled to share some exciting updates and accomplishments within our community. We are eagerly looking forward to the International Camping Congress (ICC) 2026 in China, an event that promises to be a milestone for our fellowship and the global camping community.

ICF Academy

I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations to the ICF Academy Team for successfully concluding another impactful season. Your dedication and hard work continue to elevate the standards of our programs and inspire many.

ICDC & other training events

A special mention goes to the team behind the successful International Camp Director Course (ICDC) training in China. Your efforts have significantly contributed to enhancing the skills and knowledge of camp leaders, ensuring a brighter future for camps worldwide.

Kudos to everyone involved in the Training Seminar in Mongolia. Your commitment to fostering a culture of continuous learning and improvement is commendable.

Lastly, I would like to recognize the ASOVENCAMP annual meeting. Your collaborative spirit and shared vision are vital in driving our mission forward.

We know there are so many camp events going on all around the world, and we camp people are working hard to make positive changes in the lives of young people and the future. Your tireless efforts are truly making a difference, and it is inspiring to see the impact of our collective work.

As summer approaches, we know that all of us will be incredibly busy with our respective camps and projects. I wish each and every one of you an amazing summer filled with growth, joy, and unforgettable experiences.

Best regards,

Fahrettin Gozet

ICF President 2023 – 2026