Summer Camp Con (SCampCon) is a virtual conference for summer camp professionals.

It was created three years ago as an alternative to in-person attendance at typical camp conferences. The intention was to create a professional sharing and education platform without heavy financial or travel restrictions.

This third conference, SCampCon 3, is a departure from the past events as it the format sees sessions spread out over a 4 month period to include over 90 presentations. The event is free for those attending live with an option to register for a fee for the Summit Access Pass and All-Access Pass to access the content after the live presentation.

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Two months down, another two to go!

During the first two months of this year’s Conference, over 1000 delegates from 27 countries have registered and participated.  USA, Canada and Venezuela have the highest number of registrations. Other countries represented are Australia, Botswana, Brazil, China, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Finland, Georgia, Greece, Israel, Kenya, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Panama, Peru, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey, and Ukraine.

The program for the January and February presentations include:

January 4-5            The Administration Summit (sponsored by CampBrain)

January 7-8            The Social Distance Summit

January 11-12        The Revenue Beyond Registration Summit

January 14-15        The Makers Summit

January 18-19        The Youth Development Summit

January 25-26        The Day Camp Summit

January 28-29        The Youth Leadership Summit

February 1-2          The Director Development Summit

February 4-5          The Staff Training Summit

February 8-9          The Special Needs Summit

February 11-12      The Programming Grab Bag Summit – Part 2

February 15-16      The Staff Supervision and Recognition Summit

February 18-19      The Virtual Programming Summit

February 22-23      The Variety Summit


To view the detailed schedule: