January 18, 2022


Session Description:

Imagine…if we focus on the purpose of camp, what could/should camp be?

Let’s question the ways the old “normals” are meeting (or not) the new needs.

Camp in the USA has deeply impacted people for more than 100 years. It has inspired leaders and life-long relationships and it has been a light to look forward to for many. Still, if you look at the basics of many camps, things have not changed very much even though the communities that we serve have changed.

How do we identify what our society needs and chart a course to establish new norms?  What is the ultimate potential of camp? What are the right questions we can ask and explore?

Join us to hear how a creative team approached convening a discussion that prioritized process over outcome with re-imagining camp. What are their takeaways? What reactions do camp professionals around the world have to these ideas? How can we re-shape the work we do by changing who is part of conversations and how we facilitate the discussion about innovation?


John Rice

John is the Director of Impact at Great Work Inc. where he endeavors to create progressive change in the youth development industry. As a ‘pollinator of ideas’, John passionately works to create environments that foster relationship building, creativity, transformational moments in ways that empower youth with assets for life-long success. In his spare time, John can be found exploring the outdoors with his dog Loki, trying out a new hobby, or supporting events at local businesses.

Camp Professional Respondents:

Lisa Tkachenko

Lisa has been active in camps for 9 years, 2 of them as a camper, 3 as a counselor, then she became program director assistant, and now she is a program director. She creates and conducts Emotional Intelligence and non-violent communication trainings for teens, and teaches future counselors at DEC Camp Online Counselors Academy. She dreams about spending a whole year abroad, changing location every two months. She has always wanted to have a superpower – reading minds! But for now, she is limited to keeping the first place at the staring contest, longer than anyone in the camp team.

Kris Fiore

Kris has been a summer camp professional for 14 years, operating a summer camp in the mountains of New York for the past 10 years. They have been in the world of LGBTQ+ education and activism for nearly 20 years. Their summer camp, Unirondack, specializes in highlighting camper voice and youth leadership, creating an endlessly curious community that seeks to question the norms and rules of what summer camp looks like and who it can serve. Kris is an also a youth rock climbing instructor and climbing guide, and believe strongly in the values of consciously welcoming traditionally underrepresented and excluded populations into the world of outdoor education and recreation.

Kiky Reski Amirullah

Kiky started her journey to Education as an ESL teacher almost two decades ago, and was truly inspired working with children. She had the opportunity to lead an ESL Adventure type of camp in Vancouver, Canada for a while before she moved back to Indonesia. Fell in love with education and nature at the same time. Sulawesian bred, known as the sailor tribe from Bugis found her way to the island of Gods, Bali. Passionate in adventures, and education in Sustainability made her found her way to Green Camp at Green School in Bali as home for providing experiential learnings for change-makers. Green camp Bali is a part of the global community of learners making the world sustainable. She is a big believer that we all have the privilege and the opportunity to reshape the way we facilitate education to our children. By allowing them to be and feel connected to each other and to nature and the outdoors, we can create a compassionate, kind and resilient community of humans and planet.



Gabrielle Raille

ICF Academy Support Team:

Dr. Gwynn Powell, Dr. Simon Sambrano, Alexia Sideri, Pablo Casas


Fun Facts:

4 breakout rooms in 3 languages: EN, RUS, ESP

Participants: 70

Countries: 18

Total time: 127 min

Mean participation time: 95 min


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