Rodion Zhyznevskyy is with John Jorgenson at Українське радіо (Ukrainian Radio)

What: Evening podcast #11 “Doing business” with Rodion Zhyznievskyi on RUI

Topic: Online education, kids, offline and online camping during pandemic, the ICF, China, student camps.

When: It was broadcast live on RUI on Wednesday at 11:19 PM (Kyiv time, GMT +2)

Special guest: John Jorgenson from Canada, the 5th president of the International Camping Fellowship (ICF).

Description: The pandemic has had a tremendous global impact on the young generation. All around the world, quarantine restrictions disrupted children’s health campaigns last year. As a result, during the holiday season the number of accidents with children increased worldwide and a huge number of summer camps had to leave the market. Due to the pandemic, summer camps faced severe socioeconomic consequences and were on the verge of survival. Hundreds of thousands of schoolchildren had nowhere to spend their summer vacations and looked for other ways and places – not always safe.

The pandemic delivered a hard blow on the system of educational camps and forced their managements to reconsider other options, including online education. However, we should admit that this area is one of the few that have successfully switched to online mode. Here is the point of view of the International Camping Fellowship (ICF)

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