The International Children Center Artek has continued its leadership in education by hosting approximately top-level teachers from across Russia in a conference on the subject developing leaders for social change. Titled “Project Team”, the three-day event took place at the Cosmos Hotel in Moscow but included virtual participation by former ICF Presidents Valery Kostin and John Jorgenson, providing the camp perspective from outside Russia.

Other hosts and presenters included Kdani Kavizina, Head of Educational Programs at the FSBI “RosPatriotCenter” and Georgi Bolotov, federal expert of the All-Russian Youth Projects Competition 2019-2020, assistant professor of youth sociology at the Saratov State University, Cand. Sc. (Sociology)

Subjects included methods for creating, managing and optimizing teams of youth and adults. In addition, there were tours to the «Skolkovo» Innovation Center; discussions of effective technological support and project reporting from the working groups.

Project Team 2021 was a very camp-like, experience-based effort to increase awareness on effective routes to social change.