The Russian Children’s Center “Okean” is located near Vladivostok on Russia’s Pacific Coast. It is one of four federal children’s centers operated under the supervision of the federal ministry responsible for education. As such, a large staff of educators and youth leaders work year round to innovate and create the latest teaching and learning models for implementation there and across Russia. These projects reflect topics and learning opportunities for us all.


Development of the Socio-Emotional skills Marina Karpushenko,“Okean”

RCC “Okean” is an ideal place for the socio-emotional development of both children and adults. Specific programs are aimed at creating an emotional-intellectual environment where each participant can grow and develop in an atmosphere of emotional engagement to learn respect, care and cooperation. Over recent years themes and topics have been explored.

  • Staff Training: Development of emotional intellect among children and adult
  • Teacher Training: Development of emotional intellect in schools
  • Camper Programs: Emotions and intellect
  • Staff in Training: Development of emotional intellect in Camp
  • Education Festival E emotional Intellectpractices, problems, prospects

Educational Modules for the Nation – Yulia Kosolapova

Okean provides a unique educational platform that offers more than basic education. Teenagers from all over the country (some chosen, some applied) participate in thematic programs while also continuing their academic pursuits. This novel format of school within a non-traditional educational environment is fundamentally significant.

One particular project focused on educational modules. The purpose of the project was the creation of a multi-disciplinary educational experience for teenagers taking into account three factors:

  • Integration of basic and enriched education opportunities;
  • Integrating students of various age groups, backgrounds and interests;
  • Organization of the space for full immersion into real project activities.

This multi-disciplinary educational approach is aimed at widening and deepening children’s knowledge and competences in order to accomplish a broader education in an environment that is not a regular school. It offers strong potential for transferring these acquired skills to create applications in general education and in life skills.

Territory of Creativity – Svetlana Morozova,

This unit is designed to promote the development of key competencies and 21st century skills to high school students through immersion in a rich creative environment. The organizers of the program based on the concept of “4K” – the theory of the four main competencies of the future.

The program is divided into parts according to 4 competences with each part built upon a simple algorithm

  • immersion in the project theme through the setting session
  • events of the shift to increase competence
  • reflection and understanding of the experience lived

In each part, activities were thought out that contributed to the understanding of competence not only through meanings, but also practical activities.

«Cooperation»: ‘It’s all about the team!’ squad competitions, teambuilding, extreme games, teambuilding activities

«Critical Thinking» ‘Why do you need to think critically?’, Lecture, Smart Games, Okean’s convention, An Hour of Russian Science, adventure game «Find your Einstein», thematic day «Education without borders» other training modules

«Communication»: Lessons on the art of communication, Debate Club, master classes in oratory art,          panel discussion

«Creativity»: lessons «Long live creativity!», workshop «Territory of creativity», solving open problems, creative combat.

During the session time is provided for internal reflection through time alone, journaling and group dialogue. Key events were attached to Time Ribbon, through discussions and debriefing at the end of each day.

Understanding the key competencies of success in the 21st century and the role of creativity in a changing world allow program participants to consider and become the best possible version of their current and future.