Camps from the Venezuelan Camp Association ran a number of successful programs last December, bringing a “world of outdoor experience” and joy to hundreds of Venezuelan children during the Christmas holidays.

After 18+ months of restrictions children in Venezuela have returned to camps at full throttle since last July. Campers were eager to share and learn with their peers in the nature settings that provide so many benefits for their development.

The holiday season was also the perfect opportunity for camps to give back through programs for underprivileged communities and families at risk. Campers enjoyed wonderful days to connect and grow while developing their social-emotional abilities. These camps were aimed for children who traditionally do not have access to private camps and are offered by participating camps completely free of charge to the participating families. All expenses and costs were covered by the organizations and their donors who understand the value of outdoor programs for children’s development.

Well done, Venezuelan camps!!

To learn more about the camps participating in this program, visit the camp profiles on Instagram: @lallanada @lafogata @comunidadeswao @iguanascamp @mgcampamento @campingshangrila @camplajugada


“Show your Picture of the summer”

To celebrate the reopening of camps last summer, a friendly contest was organized by the Venezuelan Camp Association (Asovencamp).

The contest invited each camp member to select a single photograph on the theme of “Picture of the Summer”.  A small panel of camp professionals and the general public reviewed and voted for their favorites using Instagram.

Each picture reflected the camp spirit and fulfillment that campers and staff had during the 2021 come back to camp season.

To see the participant pictures and winners please visit @asovencamp on Instagram and enjoy the wonderful emotions captured on these photos forever.

Camps are back!!  And we could not be happier ?