Mexico City

September 2021

This summer 2021, Mexican camps have taken the crucial job to operate safe and successful summer camps for kids from 4 to 17 years old.

Around 25 Mexican organizations around the country, affiliated with the Mexican Camps Association, held summer camp programs with successful results, despite there being more than 16 months without regular school camps, parents and kids were really looking forward to experiencing once again the joy and benefits of camps.

The professionalism and planning of this season can prove that not only summer camps are safe and fun places for kids, but are necessary to solve the social, mental, and physical deficiencies that isolation have brought through these past months, as a mother said,

“I thought I’d lost my little boy in those screens, this summer camp brought him back. Is the best investment I’ve ever made”.

Mexican camps are waiting for the school season 2021-2022, and hope this year they could bring all these benefits to more Mexican kids that need to develop basic skills that only camps could bring in the safest and amusing way.

There are formalities and procedures that need to be considered, to go ahead with school camps, that’s why on the 11th to 13th of October the MCA will hold the Annual Camp Directors Retreat, at the state of Hidalgo, the perfect scenario to discuss protocols, share experiences and most important fraternize at the campfire and among trees.

We will keep you updated on what Mexico is doing to bring joy to kids through camps.

Kind Regards,

Diana Ramírez, Mexican Camps Association – Coordinator.

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