• Richard Chamberlain, ICF’s founding President, has been recognized in his native New England with ACA New England’s George Marcus Award for ACA Accreditation Education Service. Dick’s service to the camping community has continued through work as a Standards Volunteer exemplifying his role as the face of ACA, New England, and the ACA Accreditation process. Congratulations Dick!

Songwriter Peter Katz

  • Save next summer campaign: Save Next Summer is the brainchild of two California camp directors, Mike “Otter” Stillson of Valley Trails Summer Campand Andy “Soy” Moeschberger of Gold Arrow Camp. They work together on camp advocacy through the Western Association of Independent Camps (WAIC) and the California Collaboration For Youth. Through that work, they realized that camps needed a tool to help their camp communities advocate on behalf of camps. They saw that camp professionals had exhausted their avenues to ask for help. Camps needed to turn to their camp communities. Thus, Save Next Summer was born. Enter the save next summer website in order to find out how you can better advocate for camps. Note: this site is for US and Canadian (Ontario) camps. Feel free to contact the organizers to add your state or province. #SaveCanadianCamps #SaveNextSummer

  • The Ontario Camps Association will be combining several of their usual conferences (Staff Summit, OCA Connects Annual Conference and Health Care Conference) into a series of virtual events this spring. “Spring into Summer: An OCA Educational Series” will have events spread out over a number of weeks in March and April, focusing on content from the OCA Committees, COVID Taskforce, and other key streams. We are hoping to have one in-person event featuring our preferred vendors, likely outside, depending on restrictions. Stay tuned for more information at https://www.ontariocampsassociation.ca/

  • TASS.ru will host an online press conference dedicated to the peculiarities and trends in the development of children’s active tourism in the regions of Russia. The traveler and ICF Board Member Matvey Shparo, Deputy Governor of the Kemerovo Region Elena Pakhomova, Minister of Education of the Oryol Region Tatyana Krymova, Acting Director of the Federal Center for Children and Youth Tourism and Local History Leonid Protsenko will talk about tourism in modern realities, popular destinations and the need to study nature, geography and history of their homeland and Director of the State Budgetary Educational Institution of Moscow “School No. 1852”, Chairman of the Association of Educational Organizations “Development of Active Tourism” Dmitry Isaev. https://tass.ru/press/12127



Polar explorer Matvei Shparo