Twenty years after hosting ICC 2000 with the theme “Towards a New Camping Culture”, NCAJ continues to express their vision byDelivering Camps to Every Corner of Society. It has been working to promote camps as a means to address and solve social issues facing society across Japan. It continues activities to enhance the value of camps as a concrete and effective tool to achieve our primary goals (e.g. Sustainable Delivery).

Since the spring of 2020, Covid-19 has been spreading worldwide, drastically changing our lives and our sense of values by postponing, downsizing, or canceling various events (including the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics); restricting people’s movement; and reducing economic activity. It is still having a serious impact on us camps, campers and camp leaders. From now on, we must create a “new form of camping” that incorporates camp into a new way of life.

The good news is that camping is gaining attention as a positive leisure activity that avoids the three C’s (Crowded places, Close-contact, and Confined spaces). Various styles of camping and nature activity have become increasingly popular and “new forms of camping” such as home camping, glamping, ‘workcation’, in-office camping, etc. have been born.

As a result of all this NCAJ has scheduled an event in September 2021 to confirm and affirm the positive benefits and value of camping and its role to provide a “new type of camping” for all.

NCAJ 55th Anniversary Convention

Date: September 18-20, 2021

Venue: Asagiri Field Activity Center (Fujinomiya City, Shizuoka Prefecture)

5 Main Programs:

1. 55th Anniversary Ceremony

  • Ceremony to celebrate the NCAJ 55th anniversary
  • Presentation of Camping Awards, Memorial speech, Commemorative Symposium
  • Announcement of NCAJ Next Vision, etc.

2. Gathering of Prefectural Camp Associations

  • Training, exchange, and get-togethers of prefectural camp associations
  • Tours to nearby camp facilities and sightseeing spots to experience the nature around Mt. Fuji

3. “Camping Forest in Asagiri Highland”

  • Opportunities for families in the neighborhood to experience the fun and skills of camping.
  • Outdoor programs such as crafts using natural materials, cooking outdoors, and experience of outdoor living skills, etc.

4. The 25th Japan Camp Meeting

  • Camp leaders and researchers from Japan and abroad present the results of their daily practice and research, and exchange information.

5. White Paper on Camping

  • Presentation of the “Camping White Paper 2021” which collects the latest information related to camping in Japan. (Some of the contents will be translated to English)
  • Surveys of members conducted by the NCAJ in the future, trends in the Japanese camp industry (data from various surveys), safety management (data from the Youth Organization’s injury and illness surveys), Covid-19 surveys (JEEF and NCAJ), and data from overseas.


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