This October (11-13 Oct. 2021), 18 camp directors from the Mexican Camp Association had the pleasure to share an incredible experience at Ecoparque del Marques, at Huasca de Ocampo, Hidalgo.

Ecoparque del Marques welcomed them with wonderful prepared activities and games that combined perfectly with the work sessions they had planned. These sessions focused on different topics according to the necessities of the Association.

The Mexican camp directors strive to find the best and efficient way to operate safe camps, and to focus on what is important: that kids find the best way to reconnect and gain the best abilities and skills that camps offer.

The directors held a discussion about the efficiency of the Covid-19 protocols during camps’ sessions and a new commission was formed to revise and update the current document.

Besides having a great time with the activities of rope course, an amazing water slide and zip line, the directors had the opportunity to express what the importance of camp industry means in Mexico for them and for the staff members. That it needs to be recognized as a professional industry, so their purpose is to find a new vision to achieve this goal.

There is no better way to celebrate and begin a new year of camp operation of school camps session than with a wonderful campfire and ‘Neon-party’ at Ecoparque del Marques. The horizon looks favorable for school camps, so Mexican Camps are ready to operate even more safe and successful camp sessions in the year ahead.

The General Meeting of the Association was held on November 4th in order to appoint the new Board members of the AMC. They are looking forward to a new vision of operation and goals to fulfill their purpose, to professionalize the camp industry in Mexico.

The new board of the Mexican Camp Association:

President: Jessica Lajud – Camp Bonding

Vice President: Roberto Galland – Camp Alpinia

Secretary: Maria José Mendez – Camp Cetia ti

Treasurer: Teodoro Goldberg – Camp Lago y Tierra

And the new Executive Committee of the AMC is the following:

Communication: José Eduardo Gómez / Ecoparque El Marqués

Quality Standards: Ursula Martinez / Santa Ursula

Training: Martha Elena López / Aventura Paphijos

International affairs: Oscar Bücheler/ Cetia-ti

Legal: Alejandra Roldán / Lago y Tierra

Public strategy: Lourdes Hernández / México Verde

Past president – Pablo Casas Alatriste Parlange

General Manager – Diana Ramírez