More than 230 prospective counselors and trainers were trained by the pedagogical staff of MMK children’s centers to participate in the summer wellness campaign of 2023, from April 14 to April 16.

An instructional camp serves as the goalpost in the preparation of the counselors for the upcoming summer season. The child care facilities of PJSC MMK treat the subject of training counselors seriously and carefully manage not only the Counselors’ School sessions, but also the required and customary instructional departure in April.

A successful and fruitful educational meeting for counselors includes a rich educational agenda, invited speakers from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Chelyabinsk, Miass, and Magnitogorsk, great organizational circumstances, and adventurous and creative days.


What topics were discussed and what “business” games were played? Galina Sukhoveyko (Moscow-based NGO “Promotion of Children’s Recreation”) and I discussed the responsibilities of the counselor at various points during the shift. In addition to charming everyone in attendance, Denis Pimenov (Unified School of Counselors Training, St. Petersburg) freely explained the ins and outs of igropractic for squad and squad-wide formats. Students and high school students learned about the potential for personal growth on the platform of the Russian Movement of Children and Youth from Natalia Novoselova, who works for the Magnitogorsk Civic Chamber and the Navigators of Childhood program.


The future counselors of children’s centers were introduced to the RDDM “Movement of the First” by a team from the regional branch, and they also worked out the rules for holding ceremonies, solidifying their knowledge of how to organize children’s self-government through practice. Holding thematic days and Movement profile shifts was a separate lesson for the Ural Dawns and Mountain Gorge methodological centers. The creation of a new form—a sizable “action game” called “I’m on the Move!”—marked the conclusion of this block.


The future counselors participated in the “Avangard” regional resource center for patriotic education’s websites with sincere interest. The team of teachers demonstrated practical exercises on how to assemble and disassemble a machine gun and store equipment, administer first aid, play laser tag, and train for mountaineering at four different locations in addition to discussing the Center’s mission, methods and techniques of patriotic education, and the development of an all-Russian identity among children and youth. Teachers of child care facilities also used educational platforms to spread knowledge on topics like time management in counseling work, fascinating legends of the Ural Dawns Preschool Educational Center, and working with a partner.

The trainee squad was a distinguishing element of this instruction.  The Academic Lyceum of Magnitogorsk, the Moscow State Technical University named after G.I. Nosov, the Pedagogical College, and the City Department of Education are all partners in this new profile program of children’s centers for high school students. After all, we are currently training future assistant counselors who will be capable of performing on par with professional counselors during summer detachments in order to prepare for the counselor’s shift. With the teams of children’s centers, Anastasia Kartseva (G. Miass) led lessons, discussing the possibilities of such a squad and the fundamentals of interaction.

Have the customs been upheld? Yes, of course! Rulers, chanting, charging, squad corners, KTD, lighting, detachment histories, and discos. Practically all future types of job are in our grasp. They fought for the honor of being the best team.

The 2023 training camp came to an end at the Chimes on the city plaza. Gratitude, brilliant tears, seven eagle circles, and early meeting commitments! After all, in 45 days the summer wellness campaign will begin!


Oksana Petrovna Savelyeva, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, is a top expert in the scientific and methodological activity of the CHU DO PJSC MMK “Children’s Health and Educational Complex” in Magnitogorsk.

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