The Russian Children’s Centre “Okean” is one of four federal Children’s Centers and is located at the extreme South East of Russia near Vladivostok.

It was founded in 1983 and its name suggests has a strong maritime focus. Every year it delivers more than 50 thematic programs for 16000 children between the ages of 6 to 17 years of age. Okean has more than 1000 staff members during the year, with that number rising to 1500 staff members during the summer.

During the summer, the campers stay in dormitory buildings such as “Brigantine“, “Parus” (The Sail), “Kityonok” (Baby Whale), “Tigryonok” (Baby Tiger) and “Okeanskaya Eskadra” (“Ocean Squadron”).

Children of the World

During the summer “Okean” hosts an international program themed as “Children of the World“, in which campers from various countries (Russia, Japan, both Koreas, China, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Mongolia, Serbia, France, Belarus, Greece, Algeria, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Bangladesh) share experiences and become acquainted with each other’s different cultures. “Okean” prides itself in this uniting of children from around the world and sharing an atmosphere of kindness and friendship.

Psychological and Pedagogical Support Department

Like the other federal centers in Russia, Okean recognizes the educational value of the camp experience and supports this aspect of youth development with a staff of professionals working in its Psychological and Pedagogical Support Department. Teacher-psychologists of that department offer special classes to the campers, in order to help them achieve psychological comfort and productive development. Through games and activities, Okean staff teach campers techniques for conflict resolution, positive interaction skills, creativity and cooperative team building. Camper can reach out to trained psychologist and counsellors for advice, personal development and career guidance. The psychologists act as assistants to the development of the unique personality of every camper.

Okeanskaya Eskadra” (“Ocean Squadron”)

In 2017, a new naval education program was established and runs from every April to October, each year. “Okeanskaya Eskadra” (“Ocean Squadron“) teaches the campers the skills of seafaring and focuses on various careers at sea. The main method of training is centered upon the principle of “Quest to Learn“, in which various games and challenges are used to allow the campers to acquire training and to develop and test their abilities through different learning modules. These modules such as “Sea and Cooperation” (productive cooperation); “Sea and Profession” (motivates and orientates students to a maritime career; “Sea and Skills,” (athletic challenges); and “Sea and Me” (self-directed module towards becoming a “Naval Explorer“.

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