Manolis Athitakis, whose name was associated with the well-known Sports Village Athitaki camps, located in Grammatiko, Attika, Greece, has passed away.

Manolis Athitakis (third from right) had linked his name to the Ethnikos Heraklion soccer team.


He has served as Vice President of the Greek Private Camp Association (PELK) for many years.

Following is a statement issued by Sports Village Athitaki:

“The initiator and founder of the camp, Manolis Athitakis, is no longer with us. All these years, his burning desire and his only thought was the safety of children through the high quality of service provision. Your wife, your children and all your partners, we promise you that we will be worthy successors of your work. You will be with us forever.

The family of Sports Village Athitaki

Relatives and friends said their last goodbyes on Wednesday, May 3 at 2:00 p.m. at Papagos Cemetery in Attika, Greece.

Sports Village Athitaki camps