Dear ICF Family,

Two summers have passed since Covid-19 entered our lives and we began living with the new reality.

Many countries have vaccinated more than half of their populations and every other month more countries get access to vaccines. Schools have opened almost everywhere around the World and children are gathering with their friends and teachers. This is good news for our industry.

During the past summer, ICF was in contact with various colleagues from several countries sharing the excitement and happiness of those who were able to open their camps and manage to run them in the best way possible.

There are so many lessons to learn from and ideas to share with each other. ICF will continue playing a role to CONNECT and HELP TO DEVELOP global camping industry via ICF Academy, congresses and new projects. You will hear from us soon.

ICC 2020 China could not happen because of the global lock down but we guarantee that our next ICC will be a great gathering for the international camp community. We will share information about the next congress very soon and we are certain that everyone will be excited to return to this broader camping event…

In the following weeks we will also share more camp information about different countries, post-summer seminars, national and regional conferences via our social media. Please follow ICF on Instagram and Facebook to stay updated and please share more information with us. Our communication team is happy to post and re-post it so that others can see.

We are close to the end of the tunnel. Brighter days are soon.

Yours in camping,

Fahrettin Gözet

ICF President