Dear ICF Family,

Time flies and summer is just around the corner.

By that time, with vaccination and precautions, it appears that we will soon be able to see the light out of the tunnel in which we have been for over a year.

We are happily receiving some good news from some countries about camps that will operate this summer, while in some countries the situation is a little bit blury. Fingers crossed and we all are looking forward to hearing that all our colleagues got the ‘’GO’’ for the summer of 2021.

We are the true examples of adaptation and resilience. Once we get the permissions from our governments, there is no question that we will create the best and safest camps possible. In the upcoming weeks, I hope to share more good news from various countries.

As you all know ICF has three main roles in the camping World:




I couldn’t be more proud of being a part of such an amazing team which rises to the occasion in such hard times. ICF is doing its best to keep all members informed about the news around the World, including Town Hall meetings. We use all available communication channels to reach out to our members. We connect them in various ways, including our new media Clubhouse. We help our colleagues get the support they need with our new initiative: ICF Academy.

Those who missed the first 2 sessions of ICF Academy, can easily sign in ICF Connect and watch the recordings. And I highly recommend not to miss our upcoming ICF Academy sessions with Michelle Cummings (March 16th) and Dr. Gwynn Powell (March 30th).

The #ThanksToCamp campaign in April will give camps a voice and at the same time warm our hearths with memories from past camp experiences and lessons.

I believe personal connections help us all feel better and stronger. My second trip to Russia will be between 15-29 March. On the 18th to 20th of March I will gather together with hundreds of Russian camp directors and camp leaders of the regional associations.

You can stay updated about ICF Academy, the camping industry and my upcoming trip to Russia in all ICF social media channels.

Brighter days are ahead. Let’s hold strong.

Yours in camping,

Fahrettin Gozet

ICF President