Hello 2022,

Our hearts are full of good hope for a healthy and peaceful year.

We are all ready for a great summer with full capacity and we will succeed in the summer of 2022.

In December we had two successful ICF Academy meetings with participation from 25 countries. In the first meeting experts, academic professors spoke about how to understand Gen Z. Second one was a surprise session and only the members from several countries of Gen Z spoke. They expressed themselves amazing and gave us lots of good messages. I highly recommend to everyone to watch the video in the ICF youtube channel.

On Jan 18th ICF Academy will focus on Innovation At Camp and on Feb 22nd we will discuss Marketing The Camp with speakers from other industries than camp. Don’t miss either of them!

I would like to use this message as an opportunity to thank the volunteer team of ICF Academy. Dr. Gwynn Powell, Gabriel Raill, Alexia Sideri, Dr. Simon Sambrano and many more of camp people carried the ICF Academy to a higher place than we expected.

The Australian Camps Association has a new CEO and the Mexican Camps Association has a new President. ICF wishes good success to Rod Thomson and Jessica Lajud Moreno on their new roles. I believe that these new friends will help improve the relationships between our associations.

Camp conferences continue and directors keep working hard. Russian camp leaders will gather in Tyumen in January and the American Camp Association is having their national conference in Portland in February. We are excited to hear about these conferences and look forward to sharing the outcomes in our next ICF newsletter.

Friends in camps, please share your news with us and we share them with the rest of the World. Being global is our strenght. And of course, don’t forget to follow us on instagram and facebook.


Fahrettin Gozet

ICF President