Fellow Camp Professional,

In the current turmoil of health and financial issues affecting us all ICF is eager to play its part in bringing together the various camp resources to the world of camp education. As with all things, ICF has no desire to do what can best be done by your camp organizations working so hard in your countries and regions.

We do not wish to duplicate efforts or compound the flood of information crossing our feeds every day. Rather, ICF is ready to ‘fill in the gaps’ between these efforts by reaching across borders and sharing other sources of knowledge amongst our members.

There are things occurring in Australia that are of interest and value to all of us. Russia is supporting its community but is now anxious to learn from and to share with others. In North America, various groups are assembling the collective wisdom of its members.

We picture a single place where any camp professional can go to gain free access to this collective wisdom through an Index of Resources. In this way, those who seek more information, ideas, support can reach out and find it.

Can you help us create and add to an Index to Resources addressing the COVID-19 Crisis and Camps that we can share with the global camping community?
It is very simple and will not take much of your time at all.

  • What are your primary platforms and sources for sharing information, resources and support for camps facing the COVID-19 crisis in your region?
  • Are you willing to share these links with the broader camping community?
  • Can you point us to these platforms and links to access them?
  • Are there any conditions or restrictions you wish/need to place on the use of information that people find on the links you can offer?

We are ready to receive your responses, questions and suggestions at info@icfconnect.net. Should you have any other suggestions for any other ideas that ICF can support, please reach out.

Together we are Stronger

Yours in Camping,
John Jorgenson, ICF President

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