Tuesday December 21, 2021


Now, let’s Talk…

Listening to what Gen Z has to say about Camp

Gabrielle Raill, Dr. Simon Sambrano and Dr. Gwynn Powell hosted lively breakout rooms to listen and learn from Generation Z … with Gen Z staffers to speak for themselves!

Our surprise session on Generation Z provided a space for camp professionals to talk with and listen to camp staff who are generation Z to learn more about camp from their perspective. Our Gen Z speakers answered some questions posed by camp professionals and talked with each other about what they think.

There were breakout rooms in English, Spanish and Russian.


ICF Academy team:

Gabrielle Raill, Canada – Gwynn Powell, USA – Simon Sambrano, Venezuela – Alexia Sideri, Greece – Pablo Casas, Mexico


Fun facts:

Speaker: 1

Hosts / Moderators: 6

Gen Z representatives: 15

4 breakout rooms in 3 languages: EN, RUS, ESP

Registered: 31

Participants in the live: 44

Countries: 13

Total duration: 100 min

Mean participation time: 73 min


Favorite quotes of the event:


S2 Surprise session video recording: https://youtu.be/0all25XJXk4

The video recording of the surprise session, as well as any translations and the links that were mentioned during the event, are available in the Resource Library of ICF Connect. You may log in to access them. If you do not have an ICF Connect account you may create one as an Affiliate at no cost.


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