ICF Academy S4 E3: Camp Staff Training Ideas

December 12, 2023

Session description:

Join ICF Academy for a live episode where we will be discussing various ideas for camp staff training. Our panelists will share their expertise and insights on effective training methods, creating engaging training sessions, and building a strong team culture. Whether you’re a seasoned camp director or a new staff member, you won’t want to miss this informative and interactive discussion. Tune in and get ready to take your camp staff training to the next level!


  • Simón Sambrano P-G, Iguanas Outdoor Education, Venezuela

Topic: Gen Z and power transition. Evolving structures to effectively work with a new generation of leaders

  • Tomás López V., Campamento Esperanza, México

Topic: I hear u, I see u, I’m here: Socioemotional management for staff at camp

  • Alexandra Borja & Cristian Díaz Gifra, La Granja Ability Training Center, Spain

Topic: Emotional Autonomy. La Granja Method and the 5 emotional competencies

A special “Thank you!” to the ICF Academy team for coordinating the presentation of this episode:

Dr. Gwynn Powell, Gabrielle Raill, Dr. Simon Sambrano, Kate Taylor, Luciana Contreras, Alexia Sideri

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Some statistics:

80 participants joined for the live episode, from 15 countries.

Belgium, Canada, China, Greece, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, United States, Venezuela, Vietnam.

The mean participation time was 80 minutes out of a total of 120 minutes.

Highlights from the chat

Links mentioned in the video:


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