Session Description

Let’s talk about last summer.  Join in a discussion facilitated by Ruby Compton to explore the successes and challenges of summer 2022.  We will share in breakout rooms about campers, staff, program, marketing and more, then join back together to hear reports from the room hosts. Thanks to camp we can celebrate and learn.

Running camp is hard. Today you can share what made your summer difficult or what is creating stress for you as you think about next summer in a judgment-free zone. And you can share among peers who have a unique understanding of the struggles of the work we do.


Ruby Compton and our worldwide community


October 25, 2022

About Ruby

Ruby Compton has worked over fifteen years in the outdoor industry in summer camp and environmental education. She has special interests in work cultures, staff training and development, productivity, and systems and processes. Ruby presents at conferences around the world and is one of the hosts of the staff training podcast Camp Code.

Some statistics:

10 countries participated: (Canada, China, Greece, Japan, Mexico, Mongolia, Russia, USA, Venezuela, Vietnam)

75% of the participants said the they loved this episode!

75% of the participants said that this session was relevant to their job.

75% of the participants said that they will be able to use what they learned.

When asked about a short impression of the session, we got the following answers:

All we have the same troubles around the world

Interesting to see how we share similar difficulties.

Huge experience of English-speaking opportunities

I felt closer to camp leaders from around the world.

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