March 22, 2022


Session Description:

Join us to meet Alexia Sideri, the owner and director of Delphicamp in Greece and to take a tour of camp. We will look behind the program successes and learn about all aspects of the Delphicamp operation – from history to administration, services to operations, camp operations in Greece and more.

Learn how your camp can join the ICF Camp Study Tour Program and be featured in future episodes.


John (Jorgi) Jorgenson, Past ICF, OCA and CCA President, and Camp Tawingo director.

Alexia Sideri, ICF Board Member, and Delphicamp owner/director.

Session video recording:


Gabrielle Raill

Breakout room hosts:

Olga Golshukh, Luis Rivero

ICF Academy Support Team:

Dr. Gwynn Powell, Dr. Simon Sambrano


Fun Facts:

2 breakout rooms with closed captions in Russian and Spanish

Participants: 77

Countries: 23

Total time: 90 min

Mean participation time: 71 min


Favorite quotes of the chat:

The notes, translations and the links that were mentioned during the event, are available in the Resource Library of ICF Connect, in the ICF Academy folder. You may log in to access them in If you do not have an ICF Connect account you may create one as an Affiliate at no cost.