December 14, 2021



Session Description:

Every generation has expressed concerns about the one coming behind it, yet here they come! Generational theory is a helpful tool to understand how people behave, what motivates them, and how to work with them.

Join us for this lively discussion that will frame the statistical trends and commonalities of Generation Z from an academic perspective, then explore the entrepreneurial world through the eyes of a young CEO, followed by a targeted look at Generation Z in the youth camp setting. We will then host broader discussions of how to take these lessons and apply them to our own organizational operations.

Generation Z has different ideas about work, work ethic and quality of life. They are our target market for seasonal staff so the more we understand and determine what we are willing to adapt, the faster we can find, train, supervise and develop them.

They are here! Are you ready? Let’s help each other!



Dr. Lauren Duffy, Associate Professor and Undergraduate Coordinator for Clemson University Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management, will curate various sources of information about Generation Z and help guide our understanding of the trends and how they will affect our organizations.

Ville Majanen, CEO of e-ville, based in Finland, will share workplace observations of what works and what does not work with generation Z employees. Ville is an entrepreneur with 15 years’ experience in ecommerce and sourcing in China. He founded a multimillion-euro company in Hong Kong when he was 23 years old. The company now has almost 50 employees in 4 different countries. Ville is also an active board member in 2 Chambers of Commerce and an IT recruitment start-up in Finland.

Dr. Marina Kulachenko is an Associate Professor of the Department of Psychology and Pedagogy at Oryol State University, Russia. She has developed training programs for camp counselors in camp programs for many years and most recently has written articles about Generation Z in the camp setting.


Camp Professional responders:

Mike Lim, Co-founder & Director of Innotrek Pte Ltd, Singapore

Michelle Gulter, Managing Director Australia Fireside Camps, Australia

Dr. Simon Sambrano, Director, Iguanas Educación al Aire Libre, Venezuela

Fr. Mark Obayi, Catholic Archdiocese, Ibadan & Lanate Project, Nigeria


Gabrielle Raill, Canada

Kate Smith, Thailand

ICF Academy team:

Gabrielle Raill, Canada – Gwynn Powell, USA – Simon Sambrano, Venezuela – Alexia Sideri, Greece – Pablo Casas, Mexico

Fun Facts:

99 registered

79 participants at the live

23 countries

Total duration: 125 min

Mean participation time: 97 min


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