ICF has developed a training series of free online/live educational workshops designed to inform and support the international camping community. These workshops take place under the umbrella of ICF Academy.

The more we learn from each other the better we can support one another!

We have several types of learning opportunities planned!

  1. Webinars with facilitation by presenters.
  2. Workshops.
  3. Roundtable discussions (using a town hall meeting format).
  4. Camp virtual tours.

The third event of ICF Academy took place on March 16th, 2021.

Title: S1 E3: Building a trusting team in 2021

Presenter: Michelle Cummings (USA)

ICF Academy team:

Gabrielle Raill – Canada / Gwynn Powell – USA / Simon Sambrano – Venezuela / Alexia Sideri – Greece / Pablo Casas – Mexico


Fun facts:

85 participants

19 countries (even Belgium where it was 1am!)

People stayed for an average time of 81 mins (out of a total of 105 min)

89% of the participants say that they will be able to use what they learned in S1 E3

83% of the participants said that S1 E3 was excellent and “the best”!

78% of the participants said that they will definitely participate at the next episode of ICF Academy (14% said they will think about it!)


Favorite quote of the event:

Provide your staff with an experience and then they will understand why they have to learn it. And then, they will lean in a little bit more when you go to teach it to them

– Michelle Cummings

Video recording of S1 E3  Building a trusting team in 2021: https://youtu.be/VXZkds1IDKY

The video recording of S1 E3, as well as any translations and the links that were mentioned during the event, are available in the Resource Library of ICF Connect. You may log in to access them. If you do not have an ICF Connect account you may create one as an Affiliate at no cost.