ICF Academy S1 E2 – Top 10 Interactive Exercises to Help Campers (& Staff) Have Fun, Connect & Build Trust with Mark Collard – March 2nd, 2021


ICF has developed a training series of free online/live educational workshops designed to inform and support the international camping community. These series take place under the umbrella of ICF Academy.

The more we learn from each other the better we can support one another!

We have several types of learning opportunities planned!

  1. Webinars with facilitation by presenters.
  2. Workshops.
  3. Roundtable discussions (using a town hall meeting format).
  4. Camp virtual tours.

The second event of ICF Academy took place on March 2nd, 2021.

Title: S1 E2 Top 10 Interactive Exercises to Help Campers (& Staff) Have Fun, Connect & Build Trust

Presenter: Mark Collard (Australia)

ICF Academy team:

Gabrielle Raill (Canada) / Gwynn Powell (USA) / Simon Sambrano (Venezuela) / Alexia Sideri (Greece) / Pablo Casas (Mexico)

Fun facts:

161 participants

25 countries (even Turkey where it was 4am!)

People stayed for an average time of 88 mins (out of a total of 100 min)

93% of the participants say that they will be able to use what they learned in S1 E2

96% of the participants said that S1 E2 was excellent and “the best”!

68% of the participants said that they will definitely participate at the next episode of ICF Academy (29% said they will think about it!)

Favorite quote of the event:

Your primary responsibility as a camp leader is to create an environment in which your campers can make appropriate choices.

In this highly-interactive session will Mark shared ten of his most successful group games & activities that invite campers (and staff) to connect and build trust. This series of outrageously fun exercises are very simple, most of them do not require equipment and appeal to all ages. Naturally, all of them will work online.

Mark presented the activities and discusses how they can be easily integrated into existing camping programs to not only invite participation but to develop critical interpersonal skills such as collaboration, communication, trust and leadership skills. In particular, Mark will shared the latest science that speaks to the benefits of inviting “connection before content” for any program in which a leadr is responsible for the wellbeing of others.

Mark Collard also shared the following swag with all participants:

  • Info about the free Group Games app.
  • 7-Day Free Trial membership in playmeo.
  • Exclusive discount coupon (30% off any annual plan in playmeo).
Video recording of S1 E2 Top 10 Interactive Exercises to Help Campers (& Staff) Have Fun, Connect & Build Trust: It can be found in the Resource Library of www.myicfconnect.net

The video recording of S1 E2, as well as any translations and the links that were mentioned during the event, will be available in the Resource Library of ICF Connect. You may log in to access them. If you do not have an ICF Connect account you may create one as an Affiliate at no cost.


See you on March 16th, 2021 for S1 E3: Building a trusting team in 2021 with Michelle Cummings – USA

S1 E3 description:

Building trust with your staff and campers begins early, and now that being virtual is part of the norm, we can start building that trust event sooner. This workshop will focus on icebreaker activities and staff training activities you can do in the virtual space before they even step foot on your property. Many of the activities can also be done in-person, so you can utilize what you learn in both environments. Come prepared to laugh and learn in an engaging session.

Attendees will receive a discount code for 10% off anything in the Online Store: https://www.trainingwheelsgear.com/

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