The International Camp Directors Course (ICDC) has been developed as a professional development course for camp managers, directors and operators and other experienced camp staff professionals in administrative roles. All courses are approved and administered by the International Camping Fellowship (ICF) using both local and international ICDC certified trainers.

Date: 6 – 9 April 2015

Venue: Camp IDEAS campsite located at Bei Daihea, Qin Huangdao, China

Language of Instruction: English

Lead Trainer:

Andrew McGuckian Lead Trainer Australia


Connie Coutellier Lead Trainer USA
Brendan Smith Lead Trainer Australia
Tennant Kiu Lead Trainer Singapore


CHEN Jianhua 陈建华 China
CHEN Jie 陈杰 China
CHEN Yedong 陈也东 China
HU Xuelin 胡雪林 China
JIANG Lili姜莉丽 China
LI Ning李宁 China
LIU Jicheng 刘继承 China
LIU Jue 刘珏 China
LIU Ting 刘婷 China
LIU Zhihua 刘志华 China
OUYANG Yi 欧阳毅 China
Sha’izad Bin Mohamed Jaffar Singapore
TANG Jialin 唐嘉磷 China
TANG Lingyan 唐凌燕 China
TANG Zhao 汤兆 China
Tian Weihua 田维华 China
WANG Jinglei 王惊雷 China
WANG Kaihao 王凯昊 China
WANG Lu 王璐 China
WANG Qibo 王启波 China
WANG Wenlong 王文龙 China
WU Haiming 吴海明 China
ZHAO Wen 赵汶 China
ZHAO Wenmei 赵文梅 China
ZHENG Yuanbin 郑远滨 China
ZHOU Yu 周钰 China

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