On July 16, 2021, the Russian community of organizers of children’s recreation celebrated the 75th birthday of the legendary person and friend of camping – Galina Sukhoveyko.

Galina began her pedagogical path as a counselor in a simple Soviet school, her formation took place within the walls of the pedagogical institute. She gained extensive experience in organizing work in various state structures that worked with young people. A special page in the biography of Galina is the work of the head of a camp in the International Children’s Centre Artek.

Today, Galina Sukhoveyko is the executive director of the major organization camp organization “Promotion of Children’s Recreation”. She directs, supports and helps all children’s camp in Russia. She is the mouthpiece of children’s camps in Russia at many different levels of government. She is the soul and conscience of this large community.

A significant and traditional event, the heart of which is Galina Sukhoveyko, is the traditional Conference of the organizers of children’s recreation. It is here that the leaders of different camps from all over Russia summarize the results of the summer season and share their experiences.

Galina has and is a special friend to the international camp family. In 2017 at the International Camping Conference in Sochi, Russia, Galina was presented with ICF’s highest recognition: the Abbott Fenn Druzhba Award. This year, in addition to many other awards, Galina was presented with the Russian recognition: ‘Camp without Borders Award’.