2022 Conference of the Russian Association of Program Camps Saint Petersburg, Russia


Program camps are a special category of the camps movement in Russia that are defined as camp businesses operating on leased, multiple or mobile sites. The RCPA invites all interested camps across Russia and across the camping world to join us in Saint Petersburg on February 24-26, 2022.

The program includes: unique speakers, original workshops, new discussions, business and marketing solutions, introduction to the Saint Petersburg camp opportunities

It doesn’t matter where you are, whether you are big or small, experienced, or new – this is a must-see event for any camp director. The RCPA can break the chains of professional isolation and build connections for your network. There you will find like-minded camp professionals and new ways of thinking about your business!

They are inviting camps and camp associations from across the world to participate in this new professional community. Russia is proud to lead the way with a distinct program camps’ association as they have legislative separations between the campsite camps and program camps. Their goal is to leave these separations behind and help integrate all camps’ resources for the good of our children.

INTERNATIONAL PROGRAM CAMP PROFESSIONALS: reach out and send them a brief greeting video to be shown in the opening ceremony. Introduce yourself, your country, and your program – in the language of your choice. (Specifications: horizontal aspect (landscape orientation); best quality, 1-2 minutes), with your contact information.




The orgianisers will stay in touch and provide a conference report to share with you. They hope that in the future we can meet and discuss our work in person!