The second Camp Education Industry Conference hosting a Research and Practice Education Summit was held in Beijing, China (March 27-28).

This conference was sponsored by the China Red Culture Research Association, Research and Study Tour Working Committee and the Camp Education Network. It was supported and guided by the joint meeting of China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, China Forestry Society, China Red Culture Research Association, and Research Travel Association.


Strengthening, Integration, and Empowerment

The conference theme of “strengthening, integration, and empowerment” delivered opportunity for industry exchanges, integration and collaboration. Discussions centered around educating delegates on ways to share the responsibility for effective education, best practices and professional ethics. It is the responsibility of every educator and every citizen to seek intellectual, physical, esthetic and emotional health and to allow every child to do the same. The conference also provided focus on post-pandemic recovery and research.

Participants and Presenters

Conference participants included Mr. Yang Dongquan, the former director of the Central Archives and the former director of the National Archives Bureau; Mr. Guo Yongfu, executive Vice President, consultant of the Innovative Talent Education Research Association; Mr. Zhidong He, the judge of the National Primary and Secondary School Student Research and Practice Education Base (Camp) Evaluation Committee of the Ministry of Education; Mr. Chen Xingliang, Vice President and Secretary-General of the Chinese Society of Forestry, Mr. Duan Hua, Vice President of China Green Times, Mr. Wang Jun, Deputy Secretary-General of China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, Distinguished Researcher of Research and Practice Education Institute of Education Development Center, Ministry of Education, (Xi’an) Mr. Han Xin, Director of the Youth Practice Education Committee of the Municipal Education Society; John Jorgenson, past-President of International Camp Fellowship (ICF); Ms. Liu Ting, Psychological Chairperson of the CCEA; Ms. Cao Li, deputy director, professor and doctoral supervisor of the Department of Economics; Mr. Liu Shenghai, the founder of the Camp Education Network; and Mr. Hu Chengjun, the former deputy director of the Red Association Office of the National Tourism Administration. The meeting was chaired by Yang Xiuzhen, Deputy Director and Secretary-General of the Research and Travel Working Committee of the China Red Culture Research Society, and Liu Yang from Camp Education Network.

John Jorgenson

In addition to the main forum (opening ceremony), the conference offered six themed sub-forums: Aviation, Science and Technology, Natural Education, Labor Education, Red Studies, and Traditional Culture Education. Social events included a “Celebrity Square” and the 2020 Pan-camp Education Annual General Appraisal Awards Ceremony and Acknowledgements, banquets and evening parties.

Camp Research

There have been many encouraging policies for research in camp education in recent years. More and more institutions have recognized the importance of collaboration on research. Although the 2020 epidemic has pressed the pause button for the industry, hope and persistence points to a re-birth. Survival, self-rescue and transformation of business methods are both possible and achievable. Some camp institutions practiced internal skill development and re-structuring during the epidemic, constantly updating the content of courses and are now fully prepared for the recovery after the epidemic!

During this conference, more than 20 exhibitors and roadshow organizations such as Wisdom Research and Learning were present to support and empower industry recovery. Camp education industries are facing unusual structural differentiation with resources that are concentrated on the supply and demand sides of the industry. Service organizations must look for breakthroughs and development on both vertical and horizontal planes. On the one hand, businesses seek the value of rigid demand and are building core products in depth. On the other hand, they are, carrying out horizontal industrial integration and exploring innovative operation service models – all while keeping their focus on quality education for children.

The clear message for everyone who is alert enough to hear it is that risks and opportunities coexist. We must forge ahead to the light at the end of the tunnel!

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