At ICC 2023 in Tarragona, Spain, the International Camping Fellowship Board is changing to provide fresh leadership for the term (2023-2026). We welcome (and require) representation from camping communities around the world. ICF needs leaders like you.

Some candidates are elected to Board positions. Other candidates are appointed. Terms run from October 2023 to October 2026.

We are building a better butterfly…

Please consider how you would like to be a part of the leadership of this dynamic and vital organization. There are things to be done in your country for your country, and there are things that help all countries around the world.

Please consider putting your name forward.

Help make a difference in the world of camping

For more information, click here:

Nomination form for elected positions (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Board Member):

Deadline: February 17, 2023.


Nomination form for positions appointed by the Board and other volunteer positions:


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