The Mexican Camp Association (AMC) has announced the results of elections and appointments. Meet Jessica Lajud, the new AMC President. Jessica is the CEO of Bonding and is a veteran member of the AMC Board.

Jessica is ready to do her best in her new role as President and happy to be strengthen AMC’s role within ICF. She indicated that the AMC and its members enjoy being part of the ICF and the international camp community.

“We will love to participate in more activities and we can promote them through Oscar Bücheler, our ICF Ambassador. We would be pleased to have your participation in our Webinars or TAC (Annual Camp Conference) in February 2022. AMC Board members are very interested in reinforcing the camp industry in México not just as a summer job, but also as a profession for the people that love doing camps.”

As Past President of the AMC, Pablo Casas, reported that it has been an enormous pleasure to lead the AMC for the past 6 years and he is confident that with Jessica’s boost, the AMC will continue to grow and become more professional.

New AMC board:

Diana Ramirez continues in the new term as the General Manager. Oscar Bücheler continues in the role of the ICF ambassador in Mexico for another term

“I am so grateful with the past and present Mexican board for thinking of me for this position, I am sure that all of us, together, will continue the good work and the bond between ICF, Mexico and all the countries inside this wonderful team.”

Oscar offered words of support to Jessica and the new Board and a desire to accomplish great things together. He went on to thank Pablo for his leadership to create a stronger AMC and

“… thank you for giving your time, knowledge and passion for making ICF a great community.”

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