The American Camp Association’s Annual National Conference has become second only to the ICF Congress as a gathering of international camp professionals. For many years, Linda Pulliam, longstanding ICF Board member, acted tirelessly to provide opportunities for education, networking and collaboration around ACA National. Study tours, International Room hosting, ACA President Reception, information sessions and Congress promotions were just part of the connection that international delegates to ACA National could expect.

Until this year…

Not only had Linda retired from ICF/ACA liaison work, CoVid 19 forced the conversion of ACA National into a virtual conference event. Those challenges did not prevent the ICF from presenting itself to the 1500 registered delegates and participating in the conference. While international delegates were not able to meet and share as they have in the past, ICF was able to contribute to and benefit from the Conference in many ways.

ICF’s presence at the ACA National Conference 2021

Fahrettin Gözet brought ICF greetings to ACA friends alongside a new China Congress video.

Alexia Sideri, Pablo Casas and Gwynn Powell were gracious hosts at the ICF Booth in the virtual Exhibit Hall offering up conversation, information, handouts and videos for the visitors. Three lucky visitors won ICF ball caps in exchange for their participation at the booth: Tom Holland (Wilderness Adventure), Zach Sekine-Tenny (Camp Program Manager of the Carnegie Museum of Natural History), and Abigail Stuart (Director of Operations of Doxazo Camp).

Gabrielle Raill and John Jorgenson delivered a session on the topic of the 2020 ICF campaign of ThanksToCamp. It was very well-received by participants and is now recorded for future use.

The ever popular ThanksToCamp video was also featured at a special Innovations Showcase in the program.


ICF was also represented at the ACA Research Social and Acorn Society Social. At the latter event, Don and Carole Cheley were recognized for their leadership and generosity to the camping community across the United States and across the world.

Like all of the many ACA conferences of the past, we have been able to share and learn a great deal at this year’s event. Some of the “Innovations” of the ACA National 2021 will be transferred to a future ICF Congress and we look forward to a time when we can all meet again at both ACA National Conference and ICF International Congress.