2nd Chinese-Russian Forum of Children’s Camps

March 19 – 21, 2024 – Beijing

The Second Chinese-Russian Forum of Children’s Camps will be held from March 19 to 21 in Beijing. Camp tours will follow from March 21 to 24 in different provinces of China (Qufu, Nanjing and Hangzhou).

Organizer: Institute of Camp Education (ICE) in China.

Main focus:

The forum is aimed at uniting professionals, teachers and enthusiasts involved in children’s camps from China, Russia, Mongolia, Uzbekistan and some other countries. It provides a unique platform for exchanging ideas, promoting collaboration, and exploring opportunities to improve the experience of camp leaders and educators in our countries.

Key moments:

  • Interesting key lectures and panel discussions, plenary conference.
  • Networking opportunities, visiting the new China Expo children’s camp. Master classes, promotions, communication with management teams of children’s camps.
  • Formation of business proposals for interaction and cooperation of associations and children’s camps between the regions of the Russian Federation and China.
  • Participation in an exhibition of proposals from the Russian and Chinese sides to each other.
  • Visiting camps, participating in an exhibition of goods and services for children’s camps in the city of Hangzhou.

Expected results:

A long-term plan for mutual fruitful cooperation between Chinese and Russian associations of children’s camps, regional professional communities, children’s camps and its implementation in the very near future from 2024.

Interested in participating? Email: duandd@campedu.org


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